Soza Houma - Rip off. Sham. overpriced


Doug and Kim Chruma are operating out of the Soza clinic Houma.

There are many Sozas and this complaint pertains ONLY to the Louisiana locations.

They are buying a product for $50 and reselling to the public for $469.

This is a complete rip off.

Also these products are completely untested.

They are also injecting patients illegally.

In order to give someone an RX injection there should at the least be a Dr somewhere around - this is not the case with this company.

In addition to that they are illegally dispensing these drugs out without a dispensing license.

If you are one of these patients call the board of pharmacy and file a complaint.

There are many better ways to lose weight than with this sham.

Review about: Soza Weight Loss Houma.

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